Christopher Chapano

Institution: University of Fort Hare

Unit: Botany Department, Faculty of Science & Agriculture

Research field:

Supervisor: Professor Alfred Maroyi, UFH


Christopher Chapano hails from Zimbabwe, completing his BSc in Agricultural Management with the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU). His MSc at Zimbabwe’s Midlands State University focused on ecological resources management. For his PhD, he is looking at known and consumed wild edible plant species in South Africa and Zimbabwe; how edible plant species are used and categorised by locals; the actual and future commercial potential of wild edible plants in the savannah biome; and the chemical composition and nutritional components of edible plant species. Christopher is also interested in the study of new invasive plant species and in 2017 wrote a paper on a new record in Zimbabwe of a plant known as Vernonanthura polyanthes. He enjoys nature walks and watching the National Geographic channel.