Institution: University of Cape Town (UCT)

Unit & Faculty: School of Economics, Faculty of Commerce

Research field: Energy and Agriculture Economics

Supervisors: Dr Djiby Thiam, School of Economics, UCT (main supervisor); Prof Edwin Muchapondwa, School of Economics, UCT (co-Supervisor)


Lydia hails from Lusaka in Zambia. She completed her undergraduate and honours degrees in economics at the University of Zambia and the University of Namibia, respectively. She graduated with a master’s in economics at the University of Cape Town in 2013. Over her master’s studies, she investigated whether or not the entrance fees to the Zambian national parks were optimal, and established that the price was sub-optimal and the institution could experiment with a price increase. For her PhD at UCT, she will investigate the energy-price volatility impact on the wine industry. The study will provide a better understanding of the impacts of energy-rice volatility on grape and wine prices, and will identify tools and management approaches that could support farmers in mitigating uncertainty associated with changes in input prices. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Lydia worked for the local Bank in Zambia and taught part-time at the University of Zambia. She is an avid runner and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, socialising and travelling.